Itsy Bitsy Argyle Sweater In the Rain

It’s an overcast, blustery, rainy June day.  Perfect for sleeping in.  So I did.  Why is coffee the most blissfully amazing gratifying thing there is on a day like today?  Why do I sometimes sigh with relief when the sun doesn’t shine?  When it’s not the bright light that blinds, but the vibrant electrifying green everywhere I look?

Today is day two of four days in a row at work;  then one day off, then FIVE days in a row!  Like a normal person!  They’re trying to kill me!

These page a day calendars can be invaluable writing tools on days when there are no motivational spiders in your life.  Or time to listen to them if they did show up.  Just rain and coffee.  And work, work, work.