What’s In The Bag?

The other day I was wondering why my handbag was so heavy and threatening to break my arm and dislocate my shoulder.  So I emptied the contents onto the kitchen table.

Everyone lugs around eight pens and a fork, right?  That thing on the right is NOT a fork, its’ a back scratcher with a collapsible telescopic handle that I apparently decided one day I should never leave home without.  And I need two flashlights because….you never know when you might need two flashlights.

I’ve since lightened the load considerably.  And don’t worry, I threw away the gum.  Ewwww.

This has been kind of like baring my soul.  Hope it didn’t ruin your Saturday.

5 thoughts on “What’s In The Bag?

  1. LOL!!! I love the backscratcher. I want one. I NEED ONE.

    I recently was weighed at the doctor. I was under the weather and my mind was totally blown when I was the numbers on the scale. How could I possibly weigh as much as I did when I was pregnant? Yikes.

    I got home and weighed myself again. Eight pounds less.

    That’s when I realized. I was holding my purse at the doctor’s office.

    I should probably reorganize like you did!


  2. Way too funny! A collapsible back scratcher — gonna have to get me one of those. Seriously, though, I deliberately went to buying a smaller purse because I had exactly the same problem.


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