Read Me

Even though the title of this book has the letters M and E in white, I still initially read it as READ ME.  Great subliminal message.  Not the most artistic cover I’ve ever seen, though.  How strange to use a font size that makes it necessary to hyphenate the author’s last name twice.

I’ve placed the book here beside an elephant for perspective.  It’s 1042 pages of thick and heavy.  And this is the paperback.  The hard cover edition would likely require double bagging.  In four days I’ve managed to make it all the way to page 26.  If this alarming rate continues, I’ll get to the last chapter sometime in December, hopefully before the world as we know it ends on the 22nd.  Maybe I should read the last couple of pages now so I’m not left hanging.

The story is interesting and the writing is good – there’s no problem there.  It’s just that when I curl up somewhere to read a book I like to do it to relax, not to weight lift.  The Kindle is much kinder to my wrists and shoulders.  And it has a little percentage graph to show me where I am, rather than freaking me out with an actual page count.

I am reassured by a little blurb on the back where the Washington Post tells me it is perhaps the fastest 1,000 page read I’ll ever encounter.  No point in advising them of my progress – they did pop the word PERHAPS in there.

But I do love a challenge.  So I’m going to step up the pace.  Broken wrists shall not deter me.  Thank you Neal Ste-phen-son.  This better be good.