In Praise of the Parody

I love a good parody.  It’s one of my favourite genres of literary composition – a humorous and satirical imitation of a serious piece of literature.  Reading one is a delight, even if the original was hard to take seriously in the first place and practically begged to be mocked.

So who better to take up this task than someone named Reid Mockery, with Fifty Shades of Beige.

Book Two is called Fifty Shades of Marker.   I hope more people will read both of these books because the world needs the entire trilogy.  Well, it really doesn’t, but I want to laugh some more.  At the end of the second book the author writes “I’m like everyone else. If this book does well, I’ll write the third one.  If not, fuck it.”

Yes, there’s lots of foul language, trashy dialogue and weird sex acts with too explicit descriptions, but I was laughing so hard that all of that was seriously beside the point.  Move over Ana and Christian, and make way for Annis Thesia and Bobby Beige in their messed up world which is laugh out loud funny.  Please Mr Mockery, pick up one of your beige markers and write book three.