It’s A Heat Wave (Just Jazzy 1)

It’s so scorching hot we’re breaking records.  But it is summer, right?  And that’s what’s to be expected so we might as well grin (while drinking things that contain lots of ice) and bear it.

Or bare it, as the case may be.

Jazzy is a name that came up in some book or other that I read awhile ago, and the name has been in my head ever since.  Then this little character turned up in a doodle.  They seemed right for each other somehow.

She has great hair and likes wine.  She steals wisdom from the tarot deck and the stars and shares it, trying not to be preachy and failing miserably.

But she’s cute, so I expect she’ll get away with it.

And besides all that, my brain is cooked and can’t come up with anything else.  Work with air conditioning (and a dairy aisle in the grocery section that could give you frost bite) is where I’m happily headed today and tomorrow.  And then the temperature is supposed to go down a degree or two.  Enjoying the sizzling moments until then.