Drink Your Spinach and Eat Your Darts

There is a chef boyardee beef ravioli commercial from the seventies in which a father is sitting beside his son, talking to his wife in another room about an up-coming dart tournament,  and telling her he is much too nervous about it to eat a thing.  At the same time he is absent-mindedly forking back his kid’s food.  The voice over suggests that kids aren’t the only ones who love beef ravioli.  His wife comes in and sees what he’s doing, and with some chagrin he says to his son “Eat your darts.  Umm, eat your ravioli.”

Maybe things were funnier in the seventies or maybe we had fewer quality things to laugh at, because for a while after this commercial aired we repeated that ‘eat your darts’ phrase a lot.  Sufficient times to have it stuck somewhere in the recesses of my brain for over thirty years.  Makes me wonder what the hell else is buried in there.

Anyway, it’s what I thought of when I typed ‘drink your spinach’.  Drinking it is a super easy way to choke down some good-for-you green stuff.

In descending order –

frozen berries

plain greek yogurt

baby spinach

one small banana

2 scoops of arbonne vanilla vitamin mineral shake mix

no sugar added 100% antioxia fruit juice (this one is wild berry and pomegranate I think, or cranberry raspberry saskatoon?)

When this is blended its purple and it tastes like a fruit smoothie.

But is disgustingly healthy.

Do some jedi mind tricks on yourself or think about dart tournaments to forget the spinach is in there if you need to.

I like spinach in salads as long as it’s not the main ingredient but I find myself (absent-mindedly) skipping it half the time, so this has become my alternative and relatively painless method of consuming it.

It might not work as well for me if the whole thing turned green.

5 thoughts on “Drink Your Spinach and Eat Your Darts

  1. Yum, truly yum. I don’t have a blender, alas. I have never heard of ‘arbonne’ vanilla, but I LOVE vanilla.


  2. I love spinach, but usually just in a salad or sauteed or something — to put it plainly — as a vegetable. Does this drink taste good? It sounds like it might, but I’ve tried some of those fruit ‘n veggie combination drinks and always imagine I’m tasting the flavour of carrots or whatever else they put in. I’d give it a shot, but would like your honest opinion first. My husband would probably love this!


    • The protein powder I put in it tastes good even with only water, so I suspect that helps with the flavor. But the frozen berries, yogurt, banana and juice have lots of sweetness and flavor too, and I really cannot taste the spinach at all. Carrots are different – they never seem to blend up smoothly. The spinach simply disappears. Let me know if you like it! 🙂


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