Yellow Cocktail Dreams


Galliano (Photo credit: Rennett Stowe)

Day two of a serious yellow high.

Would you like something to drink? the waiter asks me, and I reply, Yes, please, I’ll have whatever cocktail you’ve got that’s yellow.  I’ve never said that in real life, but I’m working up the nerve to do it.

My niece, when she was four years old, asked a waiter for a pink drink.  I think adults should be able to order their beverages in the same way.

Yellow Submarine should be easy enough:  vodka, white rum, banana liqueur, in a cocktail shaker with ice.  But is it truly yellow?

Yellow Fever sounds more promising color-wise:  vodka, Galliano, pineapple juice, lemon juice, ice.

There’s also a Yellow Bird:  rum, Galliano, banana liqueur, orange juice, pineapple juice.  Notice how I’m leaving the exact amounts of each ingredient to your own discretion and imagination.  I would never try to discourage creativity.

Those concoctions remind me of a Harvey Wallbanger,  a drink I used to order all the time.  I can’t remember why I stopped.  It’s vodka, Galliano and orange juice. Maybe I thought all that orange juice was good for me, and then later decided that asking for a wallbanger didn’t sound very classy.  After a couple of Harvey Wallbangers, nothing makes sense.

Harvey Wallbanger cocktail

Harvey Wallbanger cocktail (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Doesn’t all this make you want to run out and purchase a lot of  bright yellow ingredients?  Mix them all together with crushed ice, pour them into a chilled glass and garnish them with slices of lemon and banana and orange?  Pop in a straw and a colorful little umbrella?  Put on your shades and sit in a lawn chair and soak up the sunshine?   Would you like me to join you?

Unfortunately, I have to go to work.  I know being bored is a sin, but yesterday I got sucked in by it and swallowed whole and there was nothing I could wrap my mind around to stop the crushing numbness.  Working in a retail setting can do that to you even on a good day.

Today promises to be more of the same because so many people have decided they don’t feel like shopping and would much rather sit in their back yards sipping gin.  But day dreaming about yellow cocktails might save me. It’s worth a try.

I’ll give it my best shot.

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