Dora Does Living Colour

Dora does the stink eye.

Pink goes well with blue hair. And red arms.

Could be an Irish ballet.

Dora tries her hand at face painting.

This is coloring after my own heart.  I LOVE green hair.  And would you not just kill for this last ensemble?  And go totally overboard with the self-tanning to complete your look?  If you say no, there’s a lot more you need to learn about having fun.  Thank you Maddy and Princess O.  My fridge has never looked better.

8 thoughts on “Dora Does Living Colour

      • One of mine will be a year old this month. The loveliest thing about grandchildren is that you get to enjoy it all over again, but this time round with your eyes wide open. (Somebody else gets the sleepless nights.) It’s amazing the sorts of things you ;pick up that you missed in your previous somnolent state. PS, I’m sure you already know that at five and seven they still believe you know everything there is to know. Enjoy!


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