Random Words and Images


Kaua’i (Photo credit: Cody Wms)

November is just such a random month where nothing really happens here except for Remembrance Day and putting in time waiting for December.  And shovelling snow.  Blah.  Here’s a daily prompt I’m finally getting around to doing.  My attention to these things is obviously random as well.

Pick a random word and do Google image search on it. Check out the eleventh picture it brings up. Write about whatever that image brings to mind.

Step one – I went to wordnik for a random word, and this one to me is about as random as they get.

psychopomp – from a Greek word meaning ‘spirit-guide.’  A guide or conductor of spirits or souls to the other world: a special title of Hermes.  (He was that Greek God who was the messenger of the Gods, and the conductor of souls into the afterlife.  He had winged sandals and a winged cap. He could fly like the wind.)

Spirit Guide

Spirit Guide (Photo credit: Cayusa)

Step two – google image search.  The eleventh picture was a gigantic cat with huge yellow eyes staring off into space. Next to the cat was a kneeling half-naked woman with long dark hair and dangling earrings.  One of her arms was raised with her hand behind her head.  I could not see the other arm.  Maybe it was missing.  The cat and the woman appeared to be sitting on some kind of huge cat pillow, with splotches of yellow and orange light behind them, over which were superimposed some glowing heart-shaped things.

You have to know that I could not possibly be making any of this up.

But I’m not posting that picture here either, because stranger things than that have a copyright.

Instead, I’m including these two pictures from the media gallery because that blue stuffed thing on the beach is way more interesting than a large cat, and the spirit guide picture on the left is something I prefer looking at more than a scantily clad womans armpit.  Call me crazy if you want.

Step three – write about whatever the image brings to mind.  It makes me think about how weird cats are.  Maybe when they look at us they can see our spirit guides wrapped around us and that’s why they want nothing to do with us.  This doesn’t explain why they can stare into empty corners for an hour or fall asleep in sinks.  I don’t have cats anymore, but almost 20 years of living with them didn’t make me an expert on their incredibly stupid and yet infinitely wise behaviour.  I’m just thankful they couldn’t talk.

Well there we go.  Random nonsense on a cold and snowy November day.  I hope my personal spirit guide isn’t in any hurry to conduct my soul into the afterlife.  I hope he’s focussed on some completely random day in the very distant future.  Maybe that day when we all miraculously get where cats are coming from.  I can wait.