Over the Second Cup

Snow Globe

Good morning world.  In my little spot on the planet the snow is coming down so heavily it looks like a thick fluffy blanket hanging from the sky.  We’re stuck in one big crazily shaken snow globe.  I’ll be out there driving in it soon.  Yay.  But not before I finish my second cup of coffee while writing yet another installment for the ongoing saga of my life in lists.  Man, I love lists.  Whoever invented lists is my hero.

These are my random thoughts for the day, in no well thought out order whatsoever.

1. The election is over at last for our American friends, and, for whatever it’s worth, this Canadian is happy with the results.  What’s good for you is often also good for us.  And I’m so sick of hearing all things political at the moment but I’m sure my little sigh of relief was lost in the great collective one to the south of us.  Time for some serious back to normal.

2.  Having a house husband around certainly has its perks.  I can give him a grocery list, and he goes off and buys stuff.  Last night when I came home he was barbecuing pork chops in the garage.  Yes, I think he does realize it’s November, but his barbecuing compulsion is proving to be a hard one to shut down.  Maybe by Christmas he’ll give it up.  Then I’ll get him going on the George Foreman Grill.  I may never cook again.

3. W has just informed me that we have a heavy snow fall warning in effect in our area and that it’s supposed to keep right on snowing all day long.  See how useful he can be?  He loves his snow blower even more than he loves the barbecue.

4.  December is the deadest month there is in the optical business.  Nobody that I know of ever decides to put a brand new pair of glasses in a childs stocking.  For the rest of this month and into the next, my working hours have been cut back, supposedly to make the wages number look better on paper.  But I also have been given the time off over Christmas that I requested, so I am not going to utter even one word of complaint.  Well, okay, maybe one.  But no more than that.  This will give me more time to shop and to make probably twice as many lists as I would have done with a normal work schedule.  So everybody wins.

5.  Thanks to sillyliss, one of my awesome blogging friends, for a lovely comment in which she mentioned the name of an author I greatly admire. I have downloaded the newest Kate Morton book to my kindle – The Secret Keeper.  That would no doubt be a great one for curling up with when we’re snowed in.  And can’t make it to work.  Even though it’s like a ten minute drive away on a normal day.  Well it’s a nice thought anyway.

My second cup is empty.  My list is done.  As long as the world never runs out of coffee, I feel like I can face anything it throws my way.  Or at least have the strength to make a list of all the reasons why I can’t.

8 thoughts on “Over the Second Cup

  1. The Secret Keeper is what my coworker was reading. She had read another Kate Morton and gave it such rave reviews that I thought I need to check that out and tell you about it, but not surprisingly, you already knew!

    Have you read The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield?


  2. I’m a list lover too. Lists are good! Lord love a list! Has it stopped snowing yet? I think you may have gotten the tail end of Hurricane Sandy? Or, is this the new “noreaster” they were warning about?


    • It’s now after 8 at night, and yes it’s finally stopped snowing, but everything is a mess. We’re in western Canada – it’s my relatives in the east that get all our crappy weather when we’re finished with it. 🙂


  3. I hope your house husband knows to watch out for carbon monoxide poisoning… Must be nice, snow. I’m getting all excited by the fact that it’s finally cool enough until about ten in the morning to walk outside without breaking into a sweat.


    • Our garage is detached and he keeps the double door wide open – I guess it’s more like you’re being all out doors-y and manly that way? Who knows. lol
      I wish I could ship some of this ugly white stuff down to you….


  4. The election might be over but as all the same players returned to DC its SSDD or same s*** different day as they say. Nevertheless, we are an optomistic people, we keep doing the same thing and expect different results. Diannd


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