November Kiai

Once again my horoscope calls it like it is.

You may feel like you need C-3PO, the translator droid from Star Wars … just to make sense of the bizarre gobbledygook coming out of your own mouth.


Kiai (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s a little scary how they know me so well.  Sorry if you thought this post might be about karate, because it’s not.  It’s about my strong desire to karate chop November into oblivion with a mighty spirit yell.  Everyone who thinks like I do would have gotten all that simply from reading the title.  So that would probably be  a whole lot of people  exactly no one.

Okay!  Most of us here have survived the first really big snowfall of the season in the last couple of days.  There have been accidents and there have been fatalities.  The roads are horrible, but there are still those among us who believe we should all be in a crazy great hurry to get somewhere.  When you’re flipped over in a snow bank I suppose your priorities might change.

Work has been painfully dead, so what better way to wile away the time than by going through all the dead files and taking out everything that’s over seven years old?  Right.  After several hours of that my brain is also dead.  And the Shred-It box is about to burst.  Something to anticipate.

I’m trying so hard not to hate the snow, because hate is such a wasted emotion, but damn, I hate the snow.  It’s cold and it hurts my eyes.  It has to be brushed off my car.  It freezes to my windshield.  It covers up ice patches and lures me right to them, looking all fluffy and innocent.  Or it forms itself into crunchy ruts and hard packed drifts so it can chew up the snow shovel and spit it out, smirking like a bratty child.  No, I haven’t heard snow laugh yet, but it’s probably only a matter of time.

Snow Cat

Snow Cat (Photo credit: clickclique)

November is no doubt a perfectly lovely month in many other parts of this world.  I need to go to one of those places one of these dreary Novembers.  Meanwhile, I’ve jacked up the heat and hunkered down with my back to the windows and a glass of wine in my hand to help me forget what month it is.  As well as who I am and where I live, if I’m lucky.  Maybe later I’ll come up with my very own spirit yell.  I might have to send W out at some point on a wine gathering mission, but I’m not going anywhere today.  No no no November.