Pictures From Moms Kitchen (Part 3)

Everything tastes better at grandmas house.

See that green and white butter dish with the clear lid beside it?  I voluntarily inherited that.  It’s one of those things that just refuses to wear out. I could never throw it away even though I don’t use it, so it looks like it may just last forever. I’m going to put a grandchilds name on tape and stick it to the bottom.  I’d hate them to fight over it when I’m gone.

Stuck in the middle with you.

This is my third sister – one of the self-named “out-laws”.  She has been part of our family for a really long time, even though I think there have been times when she’s wondered why.  I’m pretty sure it was mom’s delicious home-made biscuits that kept her coming back.  No wait, it was the scintillating conversation and the delightful company.  Yeah, that’s what it was.

When you’re stuffed to the eyeballs, you have to prop up your head.

The most amazingly interesting sausage in the world.

This is the year plaid shirts were in vogue, I guess.

It’s mom finally sitting down with her favourite son-in-law (sorry W) and her gorgeous daughter who has plans to add her own little daughter to the mix.

My handsome brother-in-law and my beautiful sister, contemplating impending parenthood.  They are obviously completely and utterly thrilled about something.

My daughter has some serious competition in the granddaughter department, no longer the only little girl in grandma’s heart.

And here she is – but we’re not done yet – there are two more grandchildren still to come.  Everybody gets to take a turn at wearing out that fancy red high chair in grandmas kitchen.

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