The Hague Jazz 2009 - Rod McKuen

The Hague Jazz 2009 – Rod McKuen (Photo credit: Haags Uitburo)

Thank you Seeker for sharing this song, Homeward, by Rod McKuen with me in yesterdays comments about going home.  The lyrics are wonderful – but we would expect no less from such a great song writer and poet.

This morning I picked W up from the airport and lost count of the times he said “It’s good to be home.”

If you’re one of those people who can’t wait to get the hell away from home, this song will be a depressing one for you.  Sorry.  But if you’re a complete home-body like me, you will appreciate knowing that no matter where you go, you are always going home.  Or homeward bound.  Or about to be home alone.   Home, home, home sweet home.

Tomorrow I promise I will not talk about home again.  Even though it appears to be one of my favourite subjects of all time.

3 thoughts on “Homeward

  1. we moved house a lot when the children were little and they always said the house didn’t matter because home was where we all lived together. Bless them,


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