Assoil Us From Rainforest Homebrew

Rainforest pool ferns. Australia.

Rainforest pool ferns. Australia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Daily Prompt   Free Association

Write down the first words that come to mind when we say . . .

. . . home.

. . . soil.

. . . rain.

Use those words in the title of your post.

I’m totally cheating on this one, because the first thing I thought of was ‘ what happens when it rains on insects who make their home in the soil?”  But I couldn’t really make myself care enough about that to take it any further. They get wet and wallow around in the mud for a while.  And that’s that.

My second choice could be beautiful words taken from a prayer.  Assoil is archaic and kind of biblical sounding, meaning to absolve or free.  And people pray for the rainforests while at the same time frowning on excessive alcohol consumption.  So who could not totally elaborate on all that?


Not the Lords Prayer

Our male person who dwells in Utopia

(What was your name again?)

Thy kingdom come, thy will be done,

In paradise and our own backyards.

May we all have what we need to survive today,

May we all forgive and be forgiven

(especially for blasphemous nonsense which ultimately means no harm)

Please don’t mess with our minds making us do even stupider things than we can dream up on our own to do,

Assoil us from rainforest homebrew and similar evils,

Because we are all small parts of the big picture and the power and the glory

And would not like to be responsible for messing things up,

Now and forever and ever,


(Ummm….no, I haven’t been into the wine yet today.  Why would you ask me that?)

10 thoughts on “Assoil Us From Rainforest Homebrew

  1. i ❤ the trees. just this morning, my youngest asked me about the worms, why they come out when it rains. i didn't know. i forgot about it until now. i will look it up. i want to tell him. (and if assoil means to absolve or free… does "grass oil" mean to do so with fescue?) 😉


    • It must! lol And I read somewhere that worms come to the surface when it rains to look for mates with no fear of drying up in the sun. And that should make your son go “eewwwww…” Or maybe not. He’s a boy after all.


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