Some Possible Number Elevens

English: Johnny Depp at the Cannes film festival

English: Johnny Depp at the Cannes film festival (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The 11th Possibility is the idea that, regardless of data to the contrary, something unexpected and outside the realm of ordinary thought is always potentially around the corner.

“A coin is flipped 10 times, and in each instance lands on either heads or tails.  But even after the normalcy displayed by the first 10 flips, the result of the next flip is still unknown.  The coin could turn into a bird and fly away.  The coin could land perfectly on its ridged edge.  The coin could dissolve upon landing.  It could defy gravity and remain stuck in the air.  This is the 11th Possibility.”

This is an amazing Prompt for the Promptless by Rarsaur.  It’s SO amazing, it has taken me five days to figure out what ‘outside the realm of ordinary thought’ could possibly mean to me.   Because there are some pretty weird thoughts floating around out there, and I may have had one or two of them myself,  if I want to admit it.  “What do you think happens next?”  is my favourite question of all time.  To answer, and to ask.

You walk into a dark room and flip the light switch on.  Normalcy says that the light turns on.  What are some possible 11th Possibilities?  Who knew flipping a switch could conjure up such interesting visions?  Here are a few unexpected (but highly desirable) possible outcomes to turning on the lights.

1.  You are no longer in Kansas or wherever you thought you were.  This is suddenly Narnia and Oz combined, but without the scary parts, like lions and witches and tin men with no brains.

2. A genie appears to offer you three wishes.  And they don’t have to be off the top of your head either!  He leaves you his card and says you can call him later after you’ve had time to think about it.

3. You discover Johnny Depp has dropped by and has been sitting here in the dark waiting to ask you for some help with his pirate research.  Or anything really, who cares. Because oh my gawd, look, it’s Johnny Depp.

4.  You can hear the ocean and feel the warm sand beneath your feet and the sun on your face.  A cabana boy hands you a tall and fruity umbrella drink that smells like strawberries and fresh pineapple and a tropical breeze.  You take a sweet cold sip and think you must have died and gone to heaven.  You get out the duct tape and tape that light switch in the on position, because ain’t nobody gonna be allowed to turn that sucker off.

5.  Some old man who looks a lot like Dumbledor is sitting in the lotus position on your carpet and wants to explain the mysteries of the cosmos to you over a glass of wine.  And he doesn’t even have to kill you once you know everything.

6. All the beautiful people you’ve loved and lost have come back to say a quick hello and to let you know they’ve never been more happy and fine and that they’re not really lost at all.  But come on, being summoned by a light switch is just a tad too bizarre, even for them.  Better make this a sweet and happy reunion, because it’s highly unlikely that this kind of chance encounter will happen for you twice.

angel dust

angel dust (Photo credit: vonglee)

7. Someone who calls herself  Ms. Universe and is dressed like a Christmas Angel, tells you to trust in her and her magical powers, live in this beautiful moment, be happy now and love your life.  Be One With Your Couch, you’re pretty sure she says, so you lie down and close your eyes and smile at the beautiful synchronicity in your world.  And when you wake up, you know it wasn’t just a dream.  Because there’s angel dust everywhere.

8.  You are blessed with a little epiphany, a little ‘aha’ moment when you flip the switch and the light comes on. Here’s your home, exactly the way you left it.  You are filled with gratitude and appreciation for your family and all that you have to share with them. When the light comes on you are suddenly able to see that this life you’re living is nothing less than a magical gift and that your happiness has never depended on whimsical daydreams.  It has always been right here, just waiting for you to flip the switch and find it.

(But seriously, that one where Johnny Depp wants to hang out with you?  Man, that one would be such a bonus.)

32 thoughts on “Some Possible Number Elevens

  1. I flipped the switch this morning and I was in a hotel room in North Dakota. So I flipped it a few more times, and, gosh darn it, I was STILL in a hotel room in North Dakota. So I ripped it out of the wall. And now I think I’m stuck in North Dakota.


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  3. Amazing! All fabulous 11th possibilities… and all of which would make pretty great prompts themselves! 😀 I love your mind, its fantastical! 🙂 Thanks for participating in Prompts for the Promptless! 🙂


  4. Great post! Except, I Have such poor vision – lifelong nearsightedness, compounded by age related farsightedness – that I’m having trouble reading it. The first sentence is great, but then the rest was really a chore. Part of the problem too is the grey font. Would you consider using the font color options? Also, the “New Post” feature – the one in the upper right, next to your name – that WordPress kind of pushes on people seems to result in this tinier font. If you like, I could provide directions to WordPress’ older Post screen that results in a larger print. If not, then just keep up the good work and good luck to you. — YUR


    • Thanks unclerave – I have changed the font in this post to black, and you’re right, it does make it easier to read. There are some blogs that are impossible to read on my phone screen because the print is so small. Something to consider for sure! Thanks for your input. 🙂


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  6. Being one with my couch right now, Grandmalin. You forgot #9–A computer screen turns on with all the answers to life taught to you by a benevolent soul named Grandmalin. {{{Hugs}}} Kozo


    • Being one with the couch is an art form requiring practice – keep working on it until you get it exactly right. haha. I don’t know ALL the answers yet, because I seem to be learning new ones every day. Of course I have no problem keeping everyone updated…. 😀 and {{{hugs}}}


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