Under the Wire

The clock is ticking down on this weekends Trifecta challenge – exactly 33 words written in first person narrative.  Ha – how simple should this be, since I do it here every day.  It is forever and always, ad infinitum, all about me, me and me.  And then a bit more about me.  The hard part of course is saying something worth saying in just 33 words.  That’s probably why they call it a challenge.

Happy Pills

Happy Pills (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I SO do not understand

All the unhappiness

In this crazy world. 

Honestly it confuses the hell right out of me! 

So, yeah, whatever.

Time to take my pill

And get a grip.



Trifecta! (Photo credit: OctopusHat)

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9 thoughts on “Under the Wire

  1. I have a friend about ten years older than me. When I was in my thirties, she would always say, now I understand why my parents say the world is crazy. I’m afraid I see her point. I think Abraham Lincoln was right when he said most people are as happy as they decide to be. Take care.


  2. Ah,most of us do not-so we make the best use of what we have-the happy pills come in different forms-love,good health,a positive frame of mind,friends,family,career,peace,compassion & ofc Trifecta challenges ;-)So keep popping those pills & be happy.Well written:-)


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