Judgement Day at the Bookstore

I probably would not buy this book. It sounds unbearably sad.


Daily Prompt:  If you were to judge your favorite book by its cover, would you still read it?

GAH!  It’s that stupid favourite word again!  By the way, I learned to spell it with a ‘u’ and I see no reason to stop doing so.  But I still hate it.  It is maybe my favourite word to hate.   Because picking favourites seems to be beyond my scope of abilities.

There is no single book I prefer above all others.  I would have a huge problem choosing a dozen books I love because how do you stop at some finite number?  I would keep adding to the pile until it fell over and killed me, putting both of us out of our misery.romance cover

Other than that nit-picking little point, I can see the beauty of this prompt.  Book cover art is no doubt a big hook in getting people to pick up a book and look at it more closely.   Sometimes the genre is easily identifiable by taking a quick glance at the cover.  For instance, if there’s a bare breasted woman with her head flung back and her eyes closed being ravished by an unbelievably handsome chisel featured body builder, you can be fairly certain it’s not a cook book or a travel guide.  Although if it’s in the self-help section, who knows.

I like bright colours and pretty pictures and great art work as much as the next guy, and recognizing an author’s name is always a big plus.  But mostly it’s the brilliance or the weirdness of a book’s title that gets me every time.  The Cheese Monkeys (Chip Kidd), Ella Minnow Pea (Mark Dunn), When God Was a Rabbit (Sarah Winman) and The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time (Mark Haddon) come to mind.

And did you know there’s a prize for thinking up weird book titles?  You can read about it here.  And then you just might find yourself wanting to do some further research on Goblinproofing One’s Chicken Coop among other things.

So I guess my advice to all you book writers out there is to think long and hard about your book title because even if your book is complete crap, a catchy and crazy title will be enough to get someone like me to buy it.  Although I might draw the line at Bombproof Your Horse (Rick Pelicano and Lauren Tjaden) simply because I don’t own a horse.

Otherwise, it sounds pretty good.

16 thoughts on “Judgement Day at the Bookstore

  1. There is such a science to book covers – I sort of like the dinosaur – he does look sad but I’d guess he’d find new friends?? anyway, just seeing what other wrote for the prompt – hope you have time to stop by and see my take on the topic 🙂 Cheers!


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  4. I share your distaste for the f-word. I might be able to come up with a favorite sci fi novel published in,say, 1978, but a favorite book? Out of all of them?! Impossible. Cover art, though, was hugely influential in my picking new books when I was a teenager. I was addicted to science fiction and publishing houses were using some pretty awesome artists to create cover art for sci fi paperbacks in the 60s, 70s and 80s. Very appealing to over-imaginative nerds like me. I like your weird titles. When God was a Rabbit definitely got my attention.


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  6. I love that book cover. I have this grand theory of everything that I’m not capable of writing down but just sort of rattles around in my head… it’s got something to do with geometry / visual language, I dunno…blah, blah. So anyway this illustration conforms to one of my crazy ideas… we read from left to right, and perceive ‘evolution’ as a progress curve growing up from left to right. He’s a dinosaur, so he’s long gone and defies evolution, therefore he’s depicted as conforming to a negative progress curve – he diminishes. And yet he looks back towards the future, and speaks in present tense and precisely that ‘problem’ compels me to want to find out more. Brilliant. : )


    • Wow – I’d like to think all of that went through my mind at least sub consciously when I saw this cover – but I’m pretty sure it didn’t. lol That was very deep. And also brilliant. 🙂


    • The kindle I have now shows little mini versions of the covers in black and white – but they’re too small for these eyes. I also like how it’s possible to try a sample before buying.


  7. I’m attracted by book covers, but when I browse, it’s usually the spines I see first. So, I judge a book by its title. Unless I know and love the author. ThenI judge the book by the author. Once I pick it up, though, I will check out the cover, then the blurb in the back, Then the first paragraph of the book. After that, I’m hooked or I’m not. 🙂


    • I like that Chapters here has a big wall with covers facing forward, and lots of tables with covers facing up. But you’re right, the majority of books are spine first, so the title is often our first impression.


        • It’s big, mostly books of every genre, some gifts and kids stuff, stationery, and a Starbucks coffee shop on the side. An awesome place to be. I don’t think we have any second hand bookshops near here. That’s rather sad.


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