Sacred Henges of Standing Stone

Counterintuition is the subject for Prompts for the Promptless this week.  It is a seemingly simple concept representing a truth that is contrary to common sense or the expectations of intuition.

I would like to ramble on about how getting too much sleep makes you more tired, or how being extra active gives you more energy, but I don’t know how much sleep is considered too much and I don’t know what being active actually means, so I’m just going to post a couple of pictures.

Also my grandchildren will be arriving for the weekend shortly, and this is my last chance for some coherent thinking.  Whatever that might be.

This is my photo!  I was there!

This is my photo! I was there!

Okay.  Who thought Stonehenge was a great idea?  And then who decided it could actually be accomplished?  And how the hell did they manage to build it, never mind hauling the rocks halfway across the country before they could even get the whole thing started?

My intuition tells me that some ancient druids sent a message to their faraway relatives about an impending visit saying  “It’s cold up here, bring some big thick socks.”  And the message got misconstrued as “There’s no boulders here, bring some big frickin’ rocks.”  So they did.  And the rest is history.  Or pure conjecture, which sometimes turns out to be the same thing.

stonehenge 2 001

It’s an amazing sight to behold, and still a mystery as to how these gigantic stones were moved and erected thousands of years ago.  Intuition (and common sense) tells us it simply couldn’t be done, but there it is.

It also defies common sense to believe that there is a portal hidden amongst the stones, leading to a different dimension.  We were not allowed to go close enough to find out.  Personally I’m not ruling it out, though.  This world is a magnificently strange and wonderful place.

19 thoughts on “Sacred Henges of Standing Stone

  1. Forgot to say that this bit – “It’s cold up here, bring some big thick socks.” And the message got misconstrued as “There’s no boulders here, bring some big frickin’ rocks.” had me rofl 🙂


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  3. I’ve been through the portal and I am back. David and I were able to touch the stones on one trip. The next time the area was fenced. Then it was opened up again because Pagans use it for religious ceremonies. One of the most fascinating places on earth. I trust you have read Sarum by Edward Rutherford? Very good book. Dianne


  4. When I was little we went to see Stonehenge and I got to climb on them – I think it must have been before they were restricted 🙂 There was graffiti 😦
    Stone circles are incredible places – we are lucky to have so many here.
    I saw recently that people visited Stonehenge each year from all over Britain for the mid winter solstice. They even came from the north of Scotland. It would have taken at least a month to travel there. Must have been some party!


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