Life is Not a Sack of Shit

My Shit

My Shit (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Daily Prompt:  Escape!  Describe your ultimate escape plan (and tell us what you’re escaping from).

Warning – this post contains the word shit, a whole lot of times.

People have shit on my life, and shit has happened to me in my lifetime.  I have gathered up a lot of shit and have been dragging it around with me for way too long.  I would like to escape all this shit I’m carrying, so I’m going to tie up the big sack it’s in, drop it right here, right now, and turn around and just walk away and leave it behind.

I’m tired of looking in the bag and feeling sad and angry about all the shit that’s happened.   I’m tired of occasionally wallowing in it.  Frankly, it really stinks.  And I don’t want to have to deal with anyone elses shit, either.  Maybe I can help someone put theirs down for a bit and forget about it for awhile, but ultimately that someone has to deal with his or her own shit.  I’ll try not to add to theirs, but I won’t take any off their hands either.  So do not hand me any shit.  I’ve been one of those people who has always felt responsible for the happiness of others.  I seem to have passed that trait on to at least one of my children (maybe both) and at least one of my grandchildren (maybe more).  It’s a terrible shitty burden to carry.  I don’t want to do it anymore.

When we go off on a vacation we never take loads of shit with us.  That’s the whole point of going somewhere wonderful and different, to get away from it all.  So I think I’d like to go on a sort of permanent vacation from life’s shit.

I’m going to meditate more, breathe more deeply, eat better, get seriously back into yoga.  I’m going to make every shit-less moment I have left in my life count.  I am going to be happy and at peace with today and all the wonders and surprises it has in store for me.  I know shit will still happen, and I will still have to deal with it, but I vow to do it only once.  I will not cart it around with me and let it make me feel bad over and over and over.  I will let it go.  I think a lot of the stress and worry and fear that gets stuck to all the shit will disappear with it.

Sounds like a great escape plan to me.  And now here’s a nice picture to take your mind off all the preceding shit.


Meditation (Photo credit: Moyan_Brenn)

30 thoughts on “Life is Not a Sack of Shit

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  4. This is a shit hot blog….shit you not

    I can relate. BIG TIME,…I Carry the same shit and wear this awkward mask pretending all is well 100% of the time, when its not. I share. I give a shit. I really do. I find helping others helps me. But I have said this often to others and maybe this is why the world is full of people like us. We other people so much, we often fail to give a shit about ourselves. As in, you, me, whoever. Many do this. Some do what you just did here and told us all how you really feel. And I shit you not, you gained a shitload of respect from me. You said, and always say, shit others think. This is why I love you as a person. Your honest, but you sugar coat it. I can read between the lines I do it, many do it.

    I told myself a month ago I was going to give a shit about me, and it is working. I hate being rude, and I hate forums where people are rude. But there is a fine line between being rude and saying what you just said. Shit happens and sometimes it’s fucking shyt!! Really fucked up. And I am not going to say sorry for swearing 🙂

    Well said. Really fucking well done you.
    You gain my respect for being honest.




    • Wow – never had my blog called shit hot before! Raise some shit, and look what happens! haha I think you’re exactly right – we have to look after ourselves first, be the peaceful happy person we were meant to be, and then it’s easy to spread the love. 🙂


      • “Shit Hot” in Scotland = AMAZING so you know.. lol
        And it was. It spoke of finding yourself before spreading the love about as you say.

        I loved it.

        Shaun x


  5. It is difficult to completely drop the bag and instantly change direction. I have tried it and failed.

    I’m concentrating on dumping my shit one lump at a time and gradually drifting onto the right road.

    Great post


  6. Keep flushing, Grandmalin. Nothing like a nice clean dump. Notice how I refrained from using the term shit…ooops, I just shit myself. {{{hugs}}} Kozo


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