Broken chair

Broken chair (Photo credit: Martin Bartosch)

See these beat-up pieces, this broken-down chair?

Bedraggled, battered, neglected, bare.

Like me it is wasted,  the worse for wear,

Hurt and defeated,  filled with despair.

We are worn out, broken, beyond repair.





The Trifecta Challenge this week is 33 words about anything you want.  Your piece must include at least one
hyphenated compound modifier.

Now see freaked-out me completing a first draft which ended up being exactly 33 words.  So it’s as is, with very little editing.  Why mess with a happy accident?  Next time I will try to be more cheery.

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26 thoughts on “Broken

  1. Lovely with that slight tinge of sadness-we all will feel a little like those beaten pieces some days -or more often when we start ageing but hopefully the despair won’t be long lasting and there will lot to rejoice about:-)Great rhyming in this cool piece


    • Thank you for always leaving such lovely comments which I rarely get around to replying to! I appreciate them more than you will ever know, especially if I don’t ever tell you. haha. 😀 You’re right, the sadness always passes and there is always something to rejoice about. Thanks again for your lovely words. xxoo


  2. I really enjoyed your take, despite its slightly downbeat feel. The rhymes give it a positivity and pace at odds to the words. Love it.


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