Thirty Days Hath September

…..April, June, and November.  Except in 2013 when Mother Nature decided to skip the month of April altogether and put a super long extension on to the end of March instead.  By my calculations it is now March 61st.  We had a lovely little blizzard on Monday.  I have a funny feeling March may continue to hold on for another couple of weeks.  I don’t know what month it’s going to be next.  Hope we don’t jump straight into October.


This is the scene that greeted us from our kitchen window on Monday morning.  Where has all the green grass gone?  Ah well, no point in obsessing about the weather, right?  Might as well make a pretty picture and carry on.



9 thoughts on “Thirty Days Hath September

  1. March 61st, hahahahahahaha. You totally nailed it. It was so cold this morning, I thought, come on, Weather. It is MAY now. Can’t you do us a solid and give us a nice day?


    • I’ve been so preoccupied with my own weather misery I forget that there’s so many other people experiencing the same wretched spring. Here’s to nice days! They’re going to start one of these days! Any day now! Really – I’m almost sure of it. lol


  2. Don’t want to scare you or anything, but I remember a Vancouver “spring” when it rained until the end of June 😉
    Wishing you sunshine and green grass!!!


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