It’s Crying Time Again

photo credit  This is not where I was today, but more hair places should consider offering these three things.

photo credit This is not where I was today, but more hair places should consider offering these three things.

No, I’m just kidding about crying time.  Today was hair cut time again.  No amount of crying is acceptable.  It’s only hair.  At least I still have some.

Although I have had haircuts in the past that shocked me to the verge of tears, today was not one of those days.  I think it helps to wait until your hair is such an incredible mess from hell that anything they do to it cannot help but make an improvement.  My hair had reached that point and gone a tad beyond.

Most of the time, good hairdressers I stumble upon decide after two or three visits from me to go and work somewhere else, give up the craft altogether, or move out of province or halfway across the world.  Or simply far enough away that I am unlikely to ever find them again.  Today the original stylist I was booked with had a death in the family and didn’t come to work.  To me this sounded infinitely better than having died herself.  So someone else had to volunteer to fit me in.

I was lucky enough to get the lady who had to rush off to a physiotherapy session in roughly half an hour.  Miss Flying Scissors.  She sat me down and told me she was going to put the FUN back into my hair.  I had no idea until that moment that it was missing.  Or possible to have in the first place.

Fastest hair cut and style of my life.  My least favourite part where a hairdresser spritzes and sprays and texturizes and generally fusses forever was pretty much skipped.  I was home in record time and able to enjoy the rest of my afternoon off.  This included a two-hour nap and some serious bed head that’s a little scary.

Just for fun, and to compliment the fun that’s back in my hair, I googled names of hair salons.  Here’s some of my favourites.

1.  Curl Up and Dye

2.  I’ll Cut You

3.  The Hair Port

4.  The Best Little Hair House


6.  Anita Haircut

7.  Great Head Hair Salon

8.  British Hairways

9.  The Last Strand

10.  Grateful Head

I might go to any of those, but not the Ass Hair Salon or Hair Potato.  I don’t think my hair could handle THAT much fun.

14 thoughts on “It’s Crying Time Again

  1. Peace, Love, & Grilled Cheese fascinates me — I wonder what kind of gifts & accessories they sell.

    I only half-joke that my hairstylist is the most-trusted person in my world. Hope you’re enjoying having the fun back in your hair (that comment would have terrified me).


  2. The same fellow cuts my hair every five weeks or so. I know its time to be groomed when my dogs look shabby and I take them to their groomer too.

    yes, its good to be thankful one has hair. I never had thick hair like my sister, and I don’t want to lose any more. She lost all of hers with chemo. Dianne


    • Maybe if I thought of it as being groomed I’d do it more often. 😀 Yes, I’ve seen people who have lost all their hair for one reason or another. Good to be thankful for whatever we’ve got.


  3. Number 2 buzz cut. Not much can go wrong there. Except in Myanmar where he used the width of his comb to guesstimate #2 so it was a bit uneven.
    When we’re in Vancouver we go to a place called On The Fringe 🙂


      • We first did it in India, and have kept it up now for over 2 years. The first time? Incredibly freeing! And even still every time it feels good. I say go for it! (though I do like the look of your hair in your avatar pic.)


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