Dental Mental Health

I have been neglecting the blog world more than usual lately, and the reason is because I have had some appointments with the dentist.  Is that a good enough excuse?  Because it’s really all I’ve got.

Tomorrow, at the ungodly hour of seven-thirty I make my third and final trip to Smiles Dental House of Horrors (not its real name) to get two chipped teeth repaired (not caused by chewing on branches or twigs) and then I have to suffer through the obligatory cleaning where the pissed off dental hygienist  tries to scrape off every speck of enamel I have left while muttering about my gums bleeding on her instruments.  All hygienists are pissed off, it’s in their job description.  Plaque makes them downright belligerent.  They really should try to be thankful for it, because – come on – without it, they would be unemployed.

All my life I’ve been a dentist avoider.  I prefer to wait until the situation gets serious before wasting their time on something as boring as mere maintenance.  I went for two days once with a toothache because I was afraid of the pain the dentist might cause with his drills. So I guess you would call that suffering pain to avoid suffering pain.   Not the proudest or brightest page in my life story.

My dental phobia is a lot milder than it used to be, thanks to a great dentist who has a lot of patience with wimps.  All it takes is a couple of traumatic experiences as a child to instill a lifelong fear – and then a hundred million non traumatic visits to get over it.  I just have to keep telling myself that it’s an hour or two – that’s all – and then it’s over.  And I can come home and play candy crush for the rest of the day.  There’s still that little kid in me who likes to be rewarded for being brave.

13 thoughts on “Dental Mental Health

  1. I think it is wise to be afraid of dentists. They drill into our heads! And when they are not drilling, they are poking and probing with instruments of torture. Oh, did that hurt?


    • Haha – yeah, why are they always so surprised that you’re feeling some ‘discomfort’?? I read somewhere that the more nervous you are, the faster the freezing wears off. That actually explains a lot.


  2. I’m exactly the same. I broke a front tooth when I was about 9 and all that trauma, plus having a sadistic first dentist has led me to mistrust all dentists until proven innocent. Not many of them are. My favourite dentist was female but she started a family a few years ago and I’ve been avoiding finding a new dentist ever since. I hate taking my children to the dentist and telling them to be brave. I feel like such a hypocrite.


  3. I hated going to the dentist until my husband found Dr. Charles. His hygienist is the exact OPPOSITE of every hygienist you have ever known. You should get all your dental work done in Fargo! 🙂


  4. I don’t think anyone likes going to the dentist! I feel sorry for them. And with age, there’s really ever any “good” news. Just reports about how much more you have to spend to save your teeth and how many hours in the chair.


  5. Wonderful tale. You do have a gift for telling stories and avoiding the unavoidable. Having just visited my guy, who undoubtedly drives a Porche, and paying $160 for the cleaining, only to be asked if I flossed regularly (I do), I can sympathize. Dianne


    • I don’t know what kind of car mine drives – maybe he has his own limo?? lol And he’s in no hurry to retire, so maybe he actually enjoys doing what he does. My three visits totalled well over two thousand. Thankfully we have two different insurances to cover all of it. Crazy. Investing in a lifetime supply of dental floss sounds cheap in comparison. 🙂


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