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It’s true – we are so busy preparing for that perfect life that we sometimes forget to live the one we’ve got in the meantime.  Try going a day without saying “I think” and “I want”. (Did your brain just say I want to do it but I think I can’t?)

Do something now that you love to do, and enjoy the hell out of it.


4 thoughts on “Enough

  1. Love this post. Love Eckhart.
    Several years ago I spontaneously found myself thinking “What if this is enough?” It could refer to that moment, my life in general, or something specific. It didn’t matter. What mattered was the energy of it, the challenging of the mind to see things differently. The thought arose over and over – what if this enough? what if this is enough? what if this is enough? There was little room left for that wanting feeling. A wonderful and completely unexpected side effect was that I spontaneously, and without any withdrawal symptoms, quit smoking. Ha! Who would have thought?


  2. With age, I’ve been trying to follow this motto and not do things I don’t want. But I still find myself accepting invitations to things I know I won’t like.. but feel I need to please various people – and then so regret doing so after. Alas.. still working on this.


  3. Wow! That quote is wonderful – I just added it to my list of favourite quotes :). I love summer, and my favourite hobby is reading, so I have been trying to get outside and read every free moment that I have instead of worrying all the time about all the things that “need” to be done. Life is too short!


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