Just Jazzy 135

“Not that she didn’t enjoy the holidays: but she always felt—and it was, perhaps, the measure of her peculiar happiness—a little relieved when they were over. Her normal life pleased her so well that she was half afraid to step out of its frame in case one day she should find herself unable to get back.”  Jan Struther, Mrs. Miniver

Instead of longing for your next vacation, change your life to one from which you don't feel the need to escape.

Instead of longing for your next vacation, change your life to one from which you don’t so often feel the need to escape.

9 thoughts on “Just Jazzy 135

      • To be fair I look at my life as one big happy holiday. I worked for years. Not being able to work aged 22 killed my and hurt Dawn and I in the pocket. But as we got into our 30’s we got clever with money..

        Well said..Respect for that ! x


  1. Jazzy, good advice, as far as it goes. I haven’t been on a holiday for quite some time, It’s not that I’m worried about not getting back to where I was, I just like it where I am. To loosely translate, I am a stick in the mud. Still, I’m wondering if sometimes people (more adventurous than I am) go on holidays not so much because they want to escape, but because (and I reiterate – not me) they want to push out of their comfort zone and see new things. What do you think about that Jazzy?
    PS. I just love your colourful companions.


    • I suppose this was meant for the “I need a holiday” lamenters who can’t wait to get away from it all. And yeah, why would anyone want to leave a great comfort zone?? lol Guess I’m not an adventure seeker either.


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