The Closest of Confidants

Two little girls in bed, playing with Japanese...

We were kids pretending, playing roles

Being the characters, wearing the clothes

Making up stories, saying the lines

There were no limits and no confines

But no matter who we decided to be

You were you and I was me.

Together now it seems as though

Our grown up selves are just for show.

The walls come down, the pretense dies

We see through each others thin disguise

No matter how old or long apart

You know my honne, I know your heart.

We are at peace and safe and free

When you are you and I am me.

Prompts for the Promptless:  Honne is a Japanese noun referring to the behavior and opinions someone truly believes in– often displayed with one’s closest confidants.

5 thoughts on “The Closest of Confidants

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  2. This is a beautiful poem about true friendships that have endured time and our individual evolution to who we are. Thank you for this. It rings true especially as we all look back to all those years, all the journeys.


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