Something for Sunday

Dentist Humor

Dentist Humor (Photo credit: MTSOfan)

My dentist is a funny guy.

He is also gentle, efficient, quiet, skilled, calm, and altogether very pleasant.

It is really hard to hate him.

I didn’t intend to go back to see him again so soon, but a chunk of a very old filling came loose so I made an appointment, without having a mild panic attack.  It’s about time I outgrew this fear, wouldn’t you say?  My dentist is not all that scary, after all.  The night before I was scheduled to see him, (and the only good thing about this is the timing) another chunk of another very old filling also broke away from another molar.  My teeth are falling out of my head as we speak.  Or at least I am living with that stupid worry.

As much as I distress myself about all the work that has to be done, I’m very thankful to be in a place and time where it’s all possible and to have dental insurance that will pay for some of it.  The prep work for a permanent bridge to fill in a gap (which I’ve had for years but before now never agreed to have fixed)  has already been done.  Ouch, physically and financially.  Two more visits to completion, including a temporary and then a permanent crown.  I can do this.

He told me I made a good impression.  HAHA!  They took about four of them with that weird pink goop that hardens and sets and feels like it’s never going to come loose without cracking your jaw. He assured me that only a couple of teeth came out with it, no worries.

I came home feeling a bit sorry for myself, had a liquid lunch, took a couple of pain killers and went to sleep.  And after all that I felt a lot better.  I forgave the dental assistant for gagging me with the suction pump, or whatever it’s called.  The freezing came out of my eyeball and my nose.  Frankly I don’t care if they freeze my entire head, but why do dental people always ask complicated questions when your mouth is full of plastic and clamps and pink goop?

So what does all this have to do with Sunday?  Well, nothing really, it’s just what day of the week it happens to be, and the dentist visit happens to be what popped into my head.  And now I would like to pop it right back out again and listen to something that has nothing to do with drills and bridges and bibs around the neck.

There have been many covers of this song, but nobody comes close to Etta James.  Enjoy, and have a lovely lazy Sunday.

12 thoughts on “Something for Sunday

  1. This is one of my favorite songs by Etta James. My family knows all the lyrics – against their will. I don’t care how gentle and pleasant dentists are – it’s like passing a police car parked on the shoulder, there’s always a little bit of anxiety!


  2. I have a lot of the same problems and anxieties with my teeth. My dentist just got a new piece of technology that uses computer imaging for your tooth – no impression goop needed! So hang on – better technology may be on the way! 🙂


  3. I can so relate! Nowadays I’m cautioned about eating too crisp nuts or anything bordering on hard. Shucks! I love crunchy stuff.

    Good to see you had great service and expertise. BTW, resisting flossing around your temporary does help a lot in preventing premature disengagement of the temporary. Try to resist cleaning too much around it until you have your permanent installed. It’s well worth avoiding the angst of having to go back just to reglue it back until your permanent is ready.


    • They did tell me not to floss – seemed rather a strange thing to hear at the dentists office. I love crunchy stuff too but after now three episodes of breakage I think maybe I can learn to live without it. (sigh)


  4. It seems they never ask me anything until they have something in my mouth. Makes me think they don’t want to hear the answer, that or it’s a running dentist bit they all get a kick out of.


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