Decorating Tips for Halloween

If you are really smart you will move next door to the kind of neighbors who live beside us.  They do enough decorating for the entire block.




I especially like the skeletons climbing on the chimney and this guy hanging in the car port.  These pictures were taken on a dull day and don’t do the whole thing justice, so you’ll just have to imagine eerie things all lit up in the dark surrounded by scary sounds.  Mostly on Halloween night we just hear a bunch of screaming.


This is my house.  As you can see, I’ve gone with a slightly less cluttered look to celebrate the season.  I hung something on my door.  With a push-pin I think it was.  Not exactly labour intensive, anyway.  Here’s a close up in case you can’t find it.


I also decorated a shelf inside above my stove by changing three plates with chefs on them to these three.  The fisherman is there year round, along with the wooden egg that Kenzie decorated with goop when she was three.  Every house needs a goop covered egg which could one day become a serious art form or a family heirloom or both.


And that’s it.  Halloween decorating made easy.  Good luck finding a neighbor like mine.  And a boogie man who will stay home to give out treats if you have to work that night.  Hey, it’s only fair, since I’m the one who did the decorating, right?

10 thoughts on “Decorating Tips for Halloween

  1. I hate admitting that with the kids out of the house, I do nothing. Didn’t even buy a pumpkin this year. We’ve had Halloween cancelled two years in a row thanks to storms so this year should be busy. Maybe I’ll get a pumpkin and carve it myself!


    • I love pumpkin carving, but never know what to do with the resulting mess except throw it out and that seems like such a waste. Not a fan of pumpkin flavoured anything. Had a boring fake pumpkin for awhile but it won’t light up anymore even with new batteries. There’s just something not right about a pumpkin with batteries. lol


  2. Oh my word, oh my word. That is one downright creepy house! All we have out are some pumpkins. But we drew on them, so that counts as… I like your boogie monster sign. Hee. : )


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