Know Your Coffee Because Your Coffee Knows You

Why does this feel like a Doppio day?  And where’s the sweetener?


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My favourite is strong coffee mixed with one of those creamy ridiculously bad for me sweet flavoured whiteners which have no nutritional value whatsoever but boost my mood from blah to zing.  Let’s call it Lazy Canadiano.  If you like this kind of coffee you are smart but disorganized, cheerful and animated (after coffee, not so much before), scatter brained and yet easy-going because you don’t care.  And you get things done on sugar highs.

16 thoughts on “Know Your Coffee Because Your Coffee Knows You

    • Believe it or not, the only brewed coffee I like to drink black is out of a paper cup from Mcdonalds. So perhaps I am not the one to be commenting on other peoples taste buds. 🙂 Sometimes I think the main reason I have a cup of instant decaf at night is simply to get away with drinking more cream…..


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