Just Jazzy 190

The first word on my word-a-day calendar is autodidact (someone who is self-taught) followed by inchoate, fop and pecuniary.  Frankly I was expecting way more weirdness with words that are much more enigmatic and obscure and infinitely harder to spell.  The autodidact in me has been passed on to Jazzy, who needs a challenge and a reason to go on making strange remarks.  She also has a new wardrobe and a lot of wine to consume, as well as an email subscription to Wordnik where the words are often arcane, abstruse and about as clear as mud.  Exactly her kind of thing.

Welcome to Jazzy Words.  Because it’s never too late to learn something new.



A drink made of molasses and water, and sometimes a little vinegar and ginger; also, rum and water sweetened with molasses, formerly a common beverage among American sailors; hence, in sailors’ use, any strong drink, sweetened and flavored.

Water, thickened with oatmeal, or made spicy with vinegar and ginger, ‘switchel,’ as it is called, served to quench the thirst.

jazzy 190 001

Salute, sailor! Save me the swizzle stick from your switchel. I’m going to need it to untie the knots in my tongue from saying that.

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