Pictures and Pages and Seasons Oh My


You might think, because of the nature of these book related pictures from various Facebook pages, that I have spent my entire Sunday reading.  But I haven’t.  I’m saving that for tomorrow, day two of two days off.   I’m part way through The Goldfinch, by Donna Tartt, which is turning out to be a book with no end in sight.  Had to take a break.

What I’ve actually been doing today is making myself feel less sad about the fact that there are only two seasons of Downton Abbey available on Netflix by watching The Good Wife instead. I didn’t notice how many seasons there are to get through on that one, but I’ll take a serious stab at getting to the end of them.

It’s a hard life I know, but don’t worry,  I’m managing okay.

25 thoughts on “Pictures and Pages and Seasons Oh My

    • I think this is the longest amount of time I’ve ever spent on a book. It just seems to go on and on and never really gets anywhere. I’m reading other stuff at the same time too. Hate to give up on it, but I can see it happening.


    • I hope they give everyone extra time for Goldfinch. It’s very very long. The writing is fine, but I’m finding it very slow going and just wish the kid would get on with his life already. I’m not usually impatient with a story, but I am with this one. Could be just me – maybe you’ll love it. Don’t let me discourage you.


  1. Ever since I was 14 and slogged through one-half of War and Peace before wising up and deciding it was an overblown extremely tedious soap opera of very little merit (in my clearly unworthy opinion), I have a fifty-page rule: If a book cannot entrance me by page fifty, or draw me in by enriching or educating me in some interesting way…it has not earned its keep. Fie upon it for my fifty-page waste of time.

    (That goes for YOU, Faulkner, you wordier-than-wordy self-indulgent Southerner! And I liked Joyce’s Ulysses, for heaven’s sake!)

    Ain’t The Good Wife grand? : )


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