The Textbook


Thomas Leuthard / photo on flickr/Click image for link

I’m the hundred dollar textbook you caressed with pink and yellow highlighters.  Café smudges and coffee spills grace my tree-murdered pages.  How long before there’s no one left alive who remembers my name?

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Trifecta Week 101 Challenge:  we’re asking for 33 of your own words inspired by the above picture.

14 thoughts on “The Textbook

  1. Nice thought. I’ve felt that way about second hand books and have saved many from the scrap pile. But I can’t get too nostalgic about textbooks given that these days they upgrade them every year so that you can’t save them for the younger sibling.


  2. Where do old books go to die? What a sad thought. Good writing always brings out emotions of, one sort or another, in the reader. You have done that here with your bittersweet observations about the fate of our beloved friends, our books. 😦 Good job creating such a provocative post.


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