Bubble Bath

Imagine a romantic candle lit bathroom scene with rose petals and steamy mirrors, a glass of white wine perched on the edge of a big claw foot tub and a shapely leg rising from scented bubbles.  It’s time to pamper yourself, listen to some good music, think happy thoughts, close your eyes and relax.


I’m impressed if you were able to get all that going on in your head, and even more impressed if you’ve done it all in real life and it works for you.

I’m afraid I have a very bad bubble bath attitude and don’t understand what all the fuss is about.  I would rather shower than take a bath.  I don’t like all that soap and how it makes my skin itch. I don’t like hot-tubs full of chemicals and flakes of dead skin either.  I don’t like soap scum, bathtub rings or rubber ducks.  Is there a bah humbug expression for this kind of thing?  I am the Ebenezer Scrooge of bathing with bubbles.

Berlinerin im Schaumbad

This is how happy it makes me to soak in a tub.  Please stop torturing this poor woman and let her pull the damn plug.

Oh well, that’s just me.  I do understand it is a little weird to feel this way.  But I can relax and listen to music and drink wine while admiring my toes without getting all wet or locking myself in the bathroom first.  However, if that’s what you really want to do, I would never try to stop you.

Just clean up that scummy oily soap ring when you’re done.

Posted for Cin’s Feb Challenge /Witchy Rambles Day 7 – Bubble Bath

34 thoughts on “Bubble Bath

  1. I’m with you! I don’t know what all the fuss is about. I would much rather have a good hot shower, be done with it, and then curl up on the couch with whatever book I’m reading so that there is no chance of dropping it in a bathtub full of bubbles :).


  2. SO glad to know it isn’t just me! I hate taking baths! I have a tulip claw foot tub that sits in my bathroom and anytime I have female friends over they gush over it! I tell them the water is turned off and even though we have lived in this house for over 4 years I have yet to sit in it. They all think I’m crazy! LOL! Now, I will stand in a shower until the water runs cool. But baths? Ew… So…..just call me Ebeneezer Scrooge too! Bah humbug…. 😉


  3. I never understood the big attraction with bubble baths until I moved to a place with a nice big tub. Got candles and bubble bath for Christmas, and a stressful job, getting even more stressful. Leaning back in the hot water, drinking cool wine and smoking a doobie; it’s heaven. All the stress is gone.


  4. Lol =D. Very entertaining!

    Question: would it make it enticing if your someone special ran the water (with bubbles or not) and had the whole scene waiting for you to enjoy? Perhaps, it’s a case of the “not-so-hungry chef,” in which you make a scrumptious dinner yet after it’s on the table you aren’t that hungry anymore. Conversely, I’d bet if you have someone else make you that same gourmet feast and you’d dig right in, especially if it was made with love <3.


    • I get what you mean, but if somebody knocks themselves out making me sushi, I will still hate sushi. I will appreciate the effort, but sushi will still make me gag. Yes, I’m an ungrateful bag. lol


  5. lol 🙂 I love hot soaks, with or without the bubbles. Its a very special treat for when I have the time just for me. However, a nice long shower can do the same trick if I feel I don’t have to rush. The point was just to do something relaxing, so if a shower works better then rock on 🙂


  6. I hate baths too. The rare times I have one, usually when my back is playing up, I’ve no sooner stepped in it than I’m ready to step out again. Give me a shower any day!


  7. Just give me a bathtub neck pillow and a hook and eye on the door, and I am good to go for at least an hour’s soak in that tub. (No bubbles, though — skin is allergic to many things.) A hot shower’s okay, too, but it seems like a waste of water beyond the clean point, and thus, out I go into the arctic living spaces again as if I’d never left them. You folks must have warm rooms!


  8. Oh, it’s a bath for me, the works, bubbles, candles, hot water right to the top, audiobook playing, and a soak until i’m crinkly. Even my children were trained from a young age never to disturb my bathtime 😀


  9. I have always loved baths. Hot, HOT baths. In one Bugs Bunny, black African natives are cutting up carrots into a huge cauldron over a blazing fire, and Bugs thinks it’s for a bunny bath, rather than a bunny bouillabaise. He steps in gingerly and has great difficulty lowering his backside into the boiling water–it requires several tries.

    I liked the bath water so hot when I was a girl that I would pretend I was Bugs in order to force myself into the tub. I found this terrific fun.

    Now that I’m a big grownup, though, I know that the amount of heat I want is directly proportional to the amount of lupus-y-ness I’m feeling. Yet I have to hold back some, because there is some thinking that too much heat can trigger my Behcet’s disease symptoms. Just call me PushmePullyou!

    Books while in the tub were a natural, but it was so difficult to keep them dry. One day, I got fed up. I was reading “Honestly, Katie John”, in paperback, from Scholastic Book Services. I just plunged it beneath the waves and read it underwater. This worked very satisfactorily. However, the book did not later dry satisfactorily, taking on the same wavy appearance as the water under which it had been read. Although disappointed by this, I kept the book and felt happy each time I looked at it, glad I had experienced the freedom of that plunge.


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