Citrus Candles


Well how incredibly easy does this look?  I use a lemon every day in my breakfast smoothie and tried for days to ‘leave the center core-like stem intact’.  Those things have a death wish.  But eventually I got serious, and was able to leave not only the stem but lots of the veiny section separaters in a pulpy mess in two lemon halves.

I left them sitting on the kitchen counter for several hours, hoping the juice and moisture would evaporate and that W would not throw them in the compost bin.  Neither of these things happened.

Then I lopped off a little piece of the bottom of each half so they’d sit less tipped over on their sides and poured some coconut oil into each one.

A huge dose of dogged determination and half a box of matches later, VOILA!


We have fire, some spilled oil, and one more to go.  I know, beautiful, right? Actually they look much better in the dark.


They did burn for hours as promised (at least two, but definitely didn’t make it to three) with a lemony coconut aroma that was only discernible if you got close enough to them to singe your eyebrows.

Would I recommend this craft to everyone who likes crafts?  Of course I would.  Why should I be the only one swearing at gutted lemon halves?

This post is in response to Cin’s Feb Challenge Day 22:  Finger paint/messy craft, written by someone skilled in the art of making even the simplest projects difficult and messy.

12 thoughts on “Citrus Candles

    • The directions sounded so simple – saying what to do, but not how, making me feel like I should KNOW how. There was a lot of trial and error and many lemons involved. lol Sounds like oranges aren’t any easier.


    • I almost gave up when they just wouldn’t light….if I ever do it again I’ll be more patient and let them dry out longer before adding the oil. And maybe use less expensive oil. Live and learn. 🙂


  1. I’m a crafty person, and I usually end up messy. This sounds like a great craft to do with my 10 yo grandson. But I might try oranges and citronella oil. I’ve always got to experiment. If I get this done, and it works, I will let people know.


  2. Laughing so hard! (Sounds like my first attempt at a gingerbread house–my phone was ringing off the hook with demolition discount offers before I’d finished icing it : (

    Am off for my daily walk, but based on this gem, will check out more posts when I return. Thank you so much for the Like and (oh my) the Follow, on The Last Half!


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