Time Slips Away

This is my first ever (and perhaps my only ever) attempt at a slide show.  Whew.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It took a considerable amount of time to put this together, even without captions, so I’ll just add one sweeping comment at the end here to say “What?  Doesn’t everybody put balloons on their Christmas tree?”

29 thoughts on “Time Slips Away

  1. OMG, you were one of them — the gorgeous, classy type! Awesome slide show, and I knew it–you were always adorable! Funny, the balloon passed well below my radar — I had to go back and look for it — but someone’s panda bear is gonna make me sleep with the lights on tonight!


  2. You and your family look so happy and loving, and as others have said, you are very beautiful. So often looking at others’ family photos is the most tedious experience, but I watched your show three times because it gives a warm happy glow and some personal nostalgia. Sweet.


    • I love looking at old pictures even if I don’t know who they are. Just naturally nosy I guess. I’m glad the ‘happy and loving’ part shows, because I think for the most part that’s what we were. ♥


  3. I loved the slide show – I think you’re about the age of my oldest daughter and I remember that era with great joy..


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