Nothing to Say But That’s Okay

We are having an end of March snow day.  I don’t feel like talking about it.

Normally I wait until the end of April to do our income taxes, but this year I thought I’d get it over with and make the end of March our new deadline so I downloaded the software and got started.  Then I got fed up seeing how much money I’m making for the government and decided to take a break.  The break turned out to be a really long one.

I’m still on it.  It’s still snowing.  I do have something sort of I interesting to put in this post, I just wanted to make you wait for it.


image 737image
I don’t really get the last one but the picture is fun.  Maybe I’ve already taken that walk.  Cabin fever is a powerful thing.   But my house is warm and the days are long.  And the sun will come up tomorrow.


11 thoughts on “Nothing to Say But That’s Okay

  1. Ohhh cabin fever!! We have been experiencing that for months with this absolutely horrible winter we have been having in Ontario, so I can totally relate to what you are feeling. Everyone is tired and cranky and restless. However, you just put a smile on my face with these cartoons, especially the one about the bra :). There is no better feeling!!


  2. Income tax! I already did mine and feel like i’m working for the government. Anyway, somethings you can’t do anything about them so you might as well enjoy what you can…and that’s exactly what your post did. 🙂 So thanks a lot.


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