Out Like a Lamb

imageHere’s to the last sunny Sunday morning in March.  This one went whooshing right on by.  But that’s okay, because I love Sunday afternoons too, no matter what month it is.

Normally I don’t miss three days in a row of putting my  scatter-brained thoughts out there for all the world to see, or ignore, or whatever it is that happens to them.  But when I do,  I have my reasons.  Not saying they’re good ones, but reasons are reasons.  So, on to the profound stuff.  Or the superficial.  Or the moderately sagacious.

1.  Work.  There will be an end to gainful employment for me very soon.  Hopefully in less than six months.   This lovely thought keeps me showing up, since I am able to see an end in sight at last.  Some days that feels like a lifetime away, especially when complete strangers sit down and proceed tell me the most bizarre shit imaginable.  I’m not sure what I do to encourage this.  I don’t think I do anything.  And yet people tell me things that happened to them from years ago right up to and including the past five minutes.  Things that are really none of my business.  So I don’t feel like I should share their information.  And when I come home with my head full of life stories that I never asked to hear,  I’m both physically and mentally exhausted.

2.  I hate the word SHOULD.  Also ought, duty, must, need, and maybe even do.  Because there’s many things waiting to be done and I don’t feel like doing any of them.  I don’t care if I should. And of course that’s a lie, otherwise I wouldn’t even mention it.  GUILT.  Another stupid word.

3.  We are dog-sitting for a week.  All of our grandchildren and their moms are off for a spring break holiday to the sunny south.  I don’t envy them the long overnight flights, but getting away from our cold non-spring-like weather will be a very nice break.  Really, having a dog here as an excuse for doing nothing is pretty lame.  He’s a good little dog.

4.  My I-Pad is evil.  Well maybe that’s a little harsh.  Let’s call it an angel of darkness.  I pick it up and I cannot put it down.  It is very portable.  It plays timba drums (often relentlessly)  when it has something to tell me or show me which may or may not be important.   It reminds me to play Candy Crush and Words with Friends.  It has Netflix.

5.  There are many books on my Kindle waiting to be read.   I purchase them faster than I read them.  One day I hope to get this all evened out.  Living long enough to do so would be nice.


If this were true I would be disgustingly healthy. Or have a severe vitamin over-dose going on.  I comfort myself with the thought that there are worse addictions and many less relaxing ways to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon than drinking coffee and watching the sixth season of Psych.  Yes, I know, I have issues.  I promise I’ll think about them seriously some other time.  When exactly that might happen depends on how long I live, and possibly on how much coffee I am able to consume.

So what are you up to on your last Sunday in March?  If it’s more exciting than my day, I can’t say I’m too surprised.

Jazzy will be back tomorrow!  There, I’ve said it.  There’s no going back now.

22 thoughts on “Out Like a Lamb

  1. Sounds like a great day. I think spring is coming. I’ve been in blog blah for a week or so and can’t seem to come up with ideas. Maybe a Sunday post .. really not so exciting day.


  2. Shopping, Mexican food, and 1970s Superman were the order of business here. I thought D would delight in the superpower aspects of the movie, but, no . . . he was saddened by the parents having to part with their baby, and worried all day about our having to send him off!


  3. Love the way you say those nasty words.. just should not have such an effect on us but when they do it is probably “guilt” as you say. My Sunday was languid.. enjoyed an open house, then a house full of kids, a great dinner and folding five baskets of laundry! Had lots of laughs and made this day a nice memory 🙂


  4. Sunday was busy and so was Saturday this week. I’m taking today off instead! So envious of your light at the end of the tunnel – but glad you are looking forward to it as not everyone would 🙂


  5. I spent Sunday running around like a chicken with my head cut off. I wish my Sunday had been a quiet day at home! This was a great blog post, and I can totally relate to #2, #4, and #5, especially #5. I have over 800 books on my Nook, plus stacks of unread books in my bedroom. It is an addiction but a good one :).


  6. So, you’re retiring in about 6 months. Hold unto your i-Pad for you’ll likely be using it even more. I find that since I retired I’m busier than ever.
    This past Sunday I went to see the live performance of by The Bolshoi Ballet in the cinema-plex series. 🙂


      • Well, this was at the cinema where the the live ballet from Moscow was being filmed. It is really fantastic because you get a close up of the dancers and during intermission there are interviews with the choreographer and some dancers.
        The performance was “satalited” around the world. It’s a great way to see superb events at reasonable prices.


  7. Coffee is amazing isn’t it? I have come to appreciate its therapeutic benefits later in life, thinking it made me too edgy (what was wrong with that, I wonder now?)
    Thanks for the great post, your honesty made me chuckle. 🙂


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