Surrender,  let the night embrace us

There is light in deep dark spaces

Inky, pitch black, sunless places

See the truth in the cold night sky

Where Pegasus and Auriga fly

Transforming harsh to calm and kind

Tracking moonbeams where dreams unwind



 What’s so amazing that keeps us stargazing?

First Gargleblaster Writing Challenge

Got 42 words?  Click on the link and join the fun.

28 thoughts on “Stargazing

  1. did you write that? it is lovely! i really like it (ever so much). pls forgive the l/case and abbrev’s–am in bed in jammies typing on phone w/1 finger. long past my sleeptime, but stayed up to finish a post, checked how it looked on phone, and saw your peaceful poem : )


    • I DID write that. With help from a thesaurus and one of those ‘rhymes with’ sites. Is that cheating?? I would not have asked that before reading your post. lol Getting it down to exactly 42 words is the biggest challenge. And using 10 fingers to type, which is of course impossible on a phone. 🙂


      • (ten-fingeredly, now:) It is a long time since I’ve read a poem that I have liked as much as many of the older favorites of mine. Yours is right up there, lady. Very, very nice. You should submit it somewhere (if there is anywhere left to which non-obtuse non-self-absorbed poems of worth CAN be submitted!).

        As for your measly dictionary use, HAH! Despite my uppity-high horse in my recent post, I have cheated, on purpose, and stolen! Will blog about those, perhaps, someday. Typical Asperger’s hypocrite: Likely we’re only more honest (usually) ’cause we get caught more often due to not understanding the friggin’ rules very well ; )


  2. This feels almost like a lullaby – it’s very dreamy. Wonderful poem! I’m so happy to see you over here – thanks for gargleblasting!


    • It was written late at night so dreamy is not a stretch. I’m so happy to be gargleblasting! That’s not something I ever dreamed of saying….because I did not learn that word until very recently. lol


  3. Oh, wow, this is gorgeous! I love the last line – “Tracking moonbeams where dreams unwind”. I see from the comments you wrote that one first… funny how our minds work sometimes 🙂


  4. I LOVE the last line! For some reason I think the word “moonbeams” is just a beautiful word haha, and I like that dreams unwinding is wonderful in so many sense – we can relax into our dreams, we can unfurl them, we can unravel them and let them go, so many things. And all with moonbeams. 🙂


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