magpie spirit bird

Mom died.  My heart broke.

A magpie strutted across our backyard, cocked her proud head and looked me straight in the eye.

Her spirit bird.

Delivered a happy memory, then squawked and flew away.

With every visit since,  my sad heart soars.

Yeah Write Gargleblaster # 157 Do you see her much?

5 thoughts on “Magpie

  1. Lovely poem…Mothers are such special persons. It’s from their wombs we came into this world. When my sister died her ex-husband to lold me to be attentive to the birds. Now, every
    time I see a bird on my balcony I think of her. It’s a nice reminder. 🙂


  2. I love magpies! I spent one afternoon on vacation in Banff chasing them with my videocamera ;). I like your poem. I tried to write one, but it was quite the failure.


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