This Is My Backyard on Good Friday

IMG_1499.JPG (2)

This is a direct W quote – “Lord Thunderin’ Jesus”.  As for me, I have uttered a couple of phrases beginning with the word “Holy…”   It is a religious holiday after all.

Not even going to wonder how long this snow will continue to fall.  The good news is – we can see the Easter Bunny’s tracks!  Really!  They look suspiciously like the footprints of a jack-rabbit!  Sneaky bunny.

Happy Winterspring.  Hope you all have a thunderin’ awesome day.

17 thoughts on “This Is My Backyard on Good Friday

  1. Last year we had snow just before Easter, so I made a snowbunny.
    I’m pretty sure I heard that W quote because I distinctly recall spending way too much time wondering whether it was “Thunderin'” or “Thunder In.” True story. 🙂


    • I just assumed it was one of those nouns made into a verb. Like when my daughter used to tell me I was “sadding” her (making her sad). Or it’s just a weird expletive. 🙂


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