Summer Feet

You know you’ve hit the bottom of the barrel full of hot topics when you start posting pictures of your own feet.  But I don’t care, I’ve got nothing else.  And this could serve as a gentle reminder to us all that if your toes look all gnarly and deformed, a pedicure, no matter how lovely and relaxing and thorough, is not going to miraculously cure that.

These are my sparkly going-for-a-pedicure sandals.  They are good for wearing while you are sitting down, and great for presenting a challenge after your feet are all soft and slippery and have to carry you down a flight of stairs and across a gravelly parking lot on the way to your car.

I chose this colour from the summer pallet, which also had yellow, pink, coral and several shades of brown in it.  I didn’t ask what’s with all that brown, just in case they know something about our up coming summer that I don’t.  This shade is called “Intention” because calling it watermelon red would be too easy.  It’s got sparkles in it.  The lady next to me had her toes painted a kind of dull mink brown, and then asked for gold sparkles over top.  Mine were done first, so I’m going to assume they inspired her.

There was also a man in a black bathrobe across the room from us having his size twelve feet treated to everything but the polish.  More men should have spa days.  I keep trying to convince W to at least have a pedicure done.  If there are other more futile ways to exercise my powers of persuasion I can’t think what they might be.

The trip to Greece of course came up in our six way conversation and my esthetician assured me that my toes would look gorgeous against the black sands of Santorini.

These are shoes I can actually walk in.  Now that my feet are ready for summer, time to go find a summery place to show them off.

26 thoughts on “Summer Feet

  1. I will have to join this shoe and sock trend! i pretty much wear one pair of worn out converse sneaks though so they won’t come close to being as posh as your sandals. =)


  2. LOL, I haven’t wrote about my feet before, but I have done an anti-sandal post before since I share the mindset that feet in general look ugly and should be covered at all times in public. I don’t think my initiative will ever sprout legs, though….


  3. You got me in the first two sentences, but the second paragraph’s visual has me laughing out loud still – I’ve done that slip and slide routine in the name of beauty. Grin. You’re not at the end of the rain barrel, it’s the little things that make life worth living and commenting on…. doncha think? Grin.


    • If that staircase didn’t have a railing (which no doubt has my handprints embedded in it now) I’d still be there. The spa people were kind enough to ask if I’d like the soles of my feet wiped down again, and I said, oh, no, I’ll be fine…..famous last words…..Yes, it’s the little things about life I love to read about too.


  4. Brilliant idea: Go after the fetishists! Your hits are gonna shoot through the roof! (But, oh, what kinky comments you’ll be moderatin’: “Bet I could suck the red right off those my toes, my Bejeweled Queen…”

    I have been enjoying every one of your “getting ready” posts, and this one didn’t feel like a barrel-scrape at all : )


  5. I love your sparkly sandals! I had a pair of the Birkenstock thongs for a bit, but I couldn’t get past how uncomfortable the piece between the toes was for me. But yes, pedicures are a wonderful thing. 🙂


    • I think you just have to experiment with different ones until you find a kind that your toes like. Hard plastic works for me, but a piece of soft leather hurts like hell. I can’t believe I’ve talked about feet this long……lol YES! Pedicures are amazing!


  6. There’s something about having nice feet that’s a real pick-me-up. I started taking care of my feet when I started practicing yoga. It adds a spark to the poses when you look down at nicely polished feet. I love the color of your polish.


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