The Twentieth Day of May

Where in the world am I today?

Santorini!  This is the spot I’m most excited to see, because my brother liked it the most when he visited Greece.  And this trip was lovingly planned for all of us to remember him.

I’ve heard the red wine in Greece is an acquired taste, so I will do the polite thing and try to acquire a taste for it.  Because Canadian tourists are supposed to be known for how ridiculously polite they are.  I would not like to disillusion anyone about that.  No hanging over the balcony railings here!


4 thoughts on “The Twentieth Day of May

  1. I’ve never been to Santorini, always wanted to go. Hope it’s dreamy, and I hope your polite wine-taste-acquisition practice is going swimmingly 🙂


  2. I hope your experiences there are/were all filled with beauty and peace. Unless your brother had a rowdy side, and then, perhaps, you should (have? these already-happened posts are confusing the easily-confused…) imbibe(b) a bit more of that wine.

    Is it impolite to hang over balcony railings? That is too bad. Why are fun things impolite? New goal: Head for Santorini and hang over every balcony railing. In a polite, ladylike way, of course. When I am through, I promise to have a major case of the vapors.


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