The Twenty Third Day of May

Where in the world am I today?

Today is the first day of our last three day stay on the last island in our island hopping extravaganza holiday in beautiful Greece.  And that would be Crete.  This is yet another annoying scheduled post in which I am trying to look into the future and imagine what the hell I might be up to at this point in time.

Are we winding down?  Some of us are shockingly old, so that’s a possibility.

We are done with travel by ferry, and from Crete we fly back to Athens.  Then it’s Athens to Toronto, and Toronto home on the 26th.  That is a lot of time spent flying through the air.  I took a notebook with me.  It may or may not be filled with astounding memories to share, along with many MANY photos of dubious quality.  That’s all the warning you’re going to get.

Back to blogging in real time as soon as jet lag wears off.


2 thoughts on “The Twenty Third Day of May

  1. Well you might as well join the pack and show your annoying holiday photos to all your fans. Everyone is doing it. I am showing my daughter’s photos, and photos of my cute grandchildren, and you better look at them !


  2. Oh, goody! No one has yet said that we cannot wait to see your a-MAZE-ing pictures of Crete! And your posts have been far from “annoying”. You have somehow managed to make us feel that you are still with us and yet simultaneously vicariously with you over there. Okay, your posts are annoying. Annoyingly to small-spirited envious types ; )


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