ron and chase

The baby frowns.

There’s a delicate balance of sorrow and joy on my brothers face.

 If there’s  any kind of knowing after cancer takes him,

missing his little grandsons life unfolding will surely be his greatest regret.

This photo breaks my heart.

35 thoughts on “Knowing

  1. Dear Gran, I have a similar photo of my dad that I can’t bear to look at. But it’s not him, but the expression on my mum’s face standing behind my dad that gets to me as does the knowledge that he won’t ever get to meet his great grand son.

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  2. This reminds me of my mum and those last photos of her playing with my baby son on her hospital bed; full of joy in spite of her illness. So sad for grandparents and grandbabies to miss out on each other.

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  3. You can’t let this cloud your thoughts he is still here( that is how I read this I hope I have not miss read the post) and you must make the most of there is not what will be. I pray for your brother and for you all.

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  4. I am sorry for the ache you still feel at the ache he was feeling then. It is my belief that he is fully recovered from that feeling now, and can indeed experience the joy of his grandson’s growth. I hope you can feel him with you at times, for he surely is sending you his love.

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  5. Thanks to everyone (if you happen to drop back here) for all the comments. I’m a little embarrassed that this might look like a post intended to garner sympathy for myself, since that was not my intention at all. My brother has been gone from this world for two years. The prompt said to write something that would make people feel strong emotions. And that made me remember the picture of this heart wrenching moment.


  6. Anyone who has lost a loved one shares your remembrance and, although it was two years ago and time helps lessen the ache, it never really goes. Photos and words such as yours and our memories keep those lost alive in our hearts and minds. I believe they know this too.x


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