Rainy Days and Mondays

011This picture was taken a couple of days ago when the sun was shining, the sky was a beautiful blue filled with fluffy clouds, and I thought W would like to see what the neighbors new fence looks like.  For which we owe him half of whatever it cost.  W is off to his island again for most of the summer, sending me texts and drinking rum.  And fishing.  Let’s not forget all that fishing.

Today the sun is shining somewhere else.  The sky is a thick grey blanket.  It’s spitting rain.  It’s Monday.  I have to go to work.  Talk about your double-double whammy.  For now I don’t have Mondays off anymore.  My schedule has always been at the whim of circumstance and a boss who schedules our lives like it’s some kind of random crap shoot.  Sundays, Thursdays and Fridays are now my days off.  Now that I’ve put that in writing it’s likely to change completely before the month is over.

Do you ever feel like the only reason you can live through something is because you know it will eventually end?  That it won’t last forever? Must be the gloomy day talking.  I have about a hundred and thirteen days to go before retirement.  Give or take ninety if I decide to work until my license expires on December 31st.  I am old and tired and would like to have EVERY day of the week off.  I read three posts the other day by three different bloggers who all used the tag ‘aging’.  It’s nice to know I’m not alone in my feelings about this process.  I don’t like knowing there are things I just can’t do anymore.  I thought I would age gracefully but often I’m just cranky and sad about it all.

So it’s time to bring Jazzy back and live vicariously through her eternal optimism and snark.  Maybe some of it will rub off on me.  Yes, I’m being completely weird because she can’t say anything if I don’t make her say it.  Poor thing.  I love this thing going around Facebook where people do 100 days of Happiness and write some happy thing every day.  What a great way to be grateful and recognize the good things in your life.

Stay tuned for “Jazzy Does Happiness” from whenever I start until the day I kiss work goodbye.  It’s looking like the end of September.  I can stay happy until then or die trying.  God, I hope I don’t die trying.

9 thoughts on “Rainy Days and Mondays

  1. I have not aged gracefully, either physically or emotionally. Rather, I have settled, a word I once eschewed but now I know that in settling I am discovering life anew. I am amazed at what I discover on a daily basis and what once was seems another lifetime, for it was. Right here with you through your countdown.


    • Well I can’t think of better company Karen. I remember being told NOT to settle, you can do better, chase your dreams, reach for the sky….Well I’m so done with that, never got it right and it still wore me out. Settling sounds wonderful, especially the way you describe it. ♥♥


    • I think I will too. Isn’t it funny how it’s sometimes so hard to accept the way things are – as if simply not liking what’s happening could somehow change it all.
      So yeah. It’s too early in the morning for philosophical thoughts. Settling in with coffee here. 🙂


  2. Although I worked hard all my life, when I stopped doing it, I felt a sudden jolt. I wondered what I would do with all the time. Believe me when I say, the things to do expand to fill the time. I read, I garden, I blog about nothing, I take care of animals, and occasionally, I take a trip.

    David and I visit local parks, art galleries, museums. I crochet when the mood strikes and lately I have been learning to cook gluten free foods. And let’s not forget visits to doctors, dentists, dog groomers, vets, eye doctors, and occasionally a relative or friend.

    I enjoy learning new things about my E-equipment. I don’t play Mah Jong. I don’t belong to any book clubs. We watch little TV. Never go out to movies either. And, I have yet to visit a senior center.

    I completed a Master’s Degree in History after I retired. Going to school was like a job, and then a transition to full retirement. Sometimes I exercise, but not often. I cook. That’s enough exercise for me. Oh yes, next week I get to clean a cat box again.

    I almost forgot, I handle the household expenses ( checkbook) and David says I will do the taxes next year. Retirement is great fun!


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