14 thoughts on “Just Jazzy 217

  1. The only one from your list that I have tried is the cat pee one. Cannot recall the experience. But I’m sure it was “intoxicating.”

    I used to have fun with a wine called Kellarprinz and Hochprinz – (can’t confirm the names on Google.) This was in my euchre playing days, up at a boyfriend’s cottage, in the winter. We’d play a round, then I’d refill my glass from the bottle chilling on the outside deck. “Gonna sneak a visit to your prince?” they’d tease me.

    Ah me. Maybe you had to be there. ๐Ÿ˜‰


  2. Am I the only one here who wonders about you, my dear? I buy wines when they have particularly attractive labels and names and colors. “Frog’s Piss”? And now I know why Jazzy’s glass is spilling and she stands aslant, the poor soused thing. But she does look quite happy… Perhaps I will sip a nip before bed at that.


    • I’m pretty sure you’re not the only one….lol. Your comments are always delightful Outlier Babe. Yes Jazzy is half soused and blissfully happy. Let’s just keep her glass topped up, shall we? Cheers to you. xx


      • Thank you for that “delightful”.
        (Sorry for the belatedness–have been away…kind of…and am almost back–as much as I ever am. Perhaps a little more wine is in order : )


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