Chuck It Baby


The night before last I had a very restless sleep and spent yesterday powered up on caffeine.  This is never a good idea, because eventually my body does a sudden power down and crashes for many hours.  Hours in which the house could burn down around me and I wouldn’t notice or care.  Happily that didn’t happen, and here I am, up and once again pretending to be normal and on my second cup of coffee already.

One of the reasons I couldn’t sleep was because some time in the afternoon I thoughtlessly tossed a black opti-flow ink pen on to my couch without putting the cap on it.  The light mushroom brown material absorbed the black ink as it flowed until there was a nice round inky black spot staring at me when I finally happened to notice it.  Even for completely unobservant me it was relatively easy to notice.  So when I should have been in bed sleeping I was instead pouring out caps of rubbing alcohol and dabbing up incredible amounts of ink.  On to white (of course they were white) terry cloth dish towels.  It was like a tie-dye experiment gone horribly wrong.  Then I used up three tide pens to get out the last of it.  All night I fretted about what it would look like dry and in the daylight, and there were also a few thoughts flitting around in my head having to do with carelessness and being a moron.

It’s not too bad, all things considered.  A very faint bluish splotch which I will now make sure I sit on whenever we have guests.  I think another tide pen should take care of it once I work up the ambition to mess about with it again.  This is the same piece of furniture which has been broken since Christmas, 2012.  W is going to get it fixed.  You know that joke where you’re told not to worry,  your husband is going to get it done, there’s no need to remind him about it every six months?  Yeah, that one.

There should have been a center support on the front cross-piece of this couch, (who thinks about these things when you see it new) especially for people like us who load it up with the entire family for a memorable photo.  We’ve had it propped up front and center with wooden blocks (complete with duct tape) for almost two years.

So my very first thought when I discovered the ink was to just throw the whole damned thing out and get a new one.   Chuck it.  Start over.  Piece of crap.

But I’ve been doing that all my life, and it’s so wrong.  Wasteful, extravagant, bad for the environment.  Can you recycle a couch?  I got a new coffee pot because the old one was leaking a bit and it annoyed me to have to clean up after it.  It was still working and probably could have done with a good cleaning, but instead of trying that, I chucked it out.  I’ve thrown out microwaves rather than bother to see if they can be repaired.  When I decide I don’t like something anymore I get rid of it and replace it with something new.  I hope you’re reading this W.  You could be next.

Nope, turning over a new leaf here.  Going to recycle and re-purpose and maintain.  Make my mother proud.

Except maybe for this gawd-awful carpet in my bedroom which originated on the ark and looks like total shit.  No point in getting completely carried away.

17 thoughts on “Chuck It Baby

  1. Hear hear! That is inspiring! I will not throw something today. Maybe.

    I just saw a banana on the sidewalk, it looked like only one bite taken out of it and no brown spots. Now, I didn’t pick it up and eat it, but I did think, that is just too bad. Meanwhile, at home, bananas are going bad left and right. I will eat more bananas and SAVE THE WORLD!


    • What a strange thing to find on the sidewalk. Fell out of a grocery bag? Hurled out the window of a moving car by some frustrated three year old who suddenly remembered he hates bananas? Or placed there by the banana gods to teach us a life lesson? Because you were able to attach such significance to it, I’m going with number three. See how simple saving the world really is?? Thank you sillyliss, you’ve inspired me too. 🙂


  2. Gad, how I hate those teaching moments! You must have been royally peed off.

    Here’s a thought. Maybe you have a magic curb? The kind where you put your unwanted belongings outside and the moment your back is turned, they disappear. When I moved from London to West Lorne, we needed to downsize two households into a smaller one. Just about everything we put out on the curb vanished overnight. That’s my kind of recycling!


  3. I’ve probably said this before, but to quote John Wayne in ‘True Grit’… I like her she reminds me of me. Around here it’s cat and dog damage. Ten years or more old. When I bought a new cat scratching post for the kitty who came and went in twelve hours, David says…why did you bother.? You know she will just take over where the last cat left off.

    Oh, did I tell you about the dog I had who ate a sofa. Or, the other dog I had who ate a few rugs? I am still finding tassels in the flower beds, and he’s been gone for five years. Lived to a ripe old age of 18. Apparently wool is good for a dog.
    PS I let my Ex keep the sofa.


    • I tried giving furniture away to my kids when they moved out, and a lot of it came back. That was not how it was supposed to work.
      I do kind of miss my cats sometimes, but not their hair in everything and their claw marks everywhere. Okay, maybe I don’t miss them that much. lol


  4. There was no resuscitating my couch. Too many children had used it as a trampoline for too long. Out it went on the nature strip for council pick up. Half an hour later a teenage boy knocked on my door and asked if he and his mates could have it to use in their garage for get togethers. The mind boggles. It does show that there are different ways to circulate.


    • One persons junk can be another persons treasure. Good idea – put it on the sidewalk with a sign that says ‘free to a good home’. And I guess hope it doesn’t rain….


  5. This is well timed for me, as I do the same in many cases … but not all, when I fret about the waste. This evening I was offered a new bottle of detergent at the market since mine was dinged. I declined, since the detergent wad still quite usable.


    • I guess there are people who won’t buy things if the packaging is damaged in any way, and yes, it’s a terrible waste if it can’t be returned to the manufacturer and has to be thrown out. So I’m with you. If the product is undamaged, who cares?


  6. When we were young, my husband and I used to roam the streets of NYC and find cast off furniture. Bulk trash day provided great entertainment for my kids growing up, as they’d scour the neighborhood for toys and treasures. Now you can’t really recycle any furniture with fabric due to bedbug worries. Good for you– keep the couch, toss the carpet.


    • We did the same thing when we were new parents and W was still a student – got a perfectly good car seat and stroller from the garbage room in our apartment. We called it scrounging. I think it’s becoming a lost art.


  7. Makes me think about the time 30 years ago, when I was sewing some errant seam or button while sitting on my WATERBED…I had a bad habit of poking the needle into my (regular mattress) bed until I’d tied off the knot and cut the thread…well, it only took one episode of ‘poking’ the old needle into the bed in the waterbed mattress…and wow…who’d have thunk it that a fine needle could create such a catastophe?! Thankfully, I was young back then…I had to move in warp-speed to try to get the leakage under control before it could ruin my apartment…ugh. Live and learn…and ALWAYS cap those markers and pens with roller-gel tips or they absolutely will wick out every terrible inky drop!!


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