10 thoughts on “Just Jazzy 227

    • I don’t know about this one – I like the way she writes but I really don’t think the book had to be so long. I keep thinking – okay, I get it, can we move on to something else now –
      Funny, normally I’m very patient. I’m to the point where I’d just like it to end.


      • There’s a sort of hypnotising effect that keeps you ploughing through a book even though you’ve lost interest. When I catch myself at it, I read the last page. That breaks the spell.


  1. Eat, pray, love. Jazzy should remind what’sherface she forgot something…drink. Whatsherface also stole her book title. Jacob Boehme wrote The Signature of All things in the seventeenth century. She’s not terribly original for sure.


    • Not a lot of drinking goes on in this book so I’m doing my share for them. lol
      The original book of the same title by Boehme is actually mentioned several times in the story (which takes place in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries) when wealthy families had huge libraries. Botany, science, evolution, religion, abolition, you name it, for every subject many original (or at least very old) sources are referred to. If nothing else, she must have done a lot of research putting it all together in one story.


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