Attic Salt

Tiger Lilly patch in the backyard.

Tiger Lilly patch in the backyard.

argle-bargle   – copious but meaningless talk or writing

attic salt  – refined, incisive wit

I was considering making new categories for each of the above, but I’m afraid one would be over loaded and the other one would be empty.

Hello.  Lilly Lady here again asking a question you may never have been asked before.  Ever had a camera shoved up your nose?  I have.  So I’m putting that experience on my bucket list and crossing it off promptly before the ink dries in anticipation of never having it done again.  They called it a throat scope, which is a very misleading description.

The doctors (not sure exactly who is responsible) moved my consultation appointment to this morning so that I could talk to the specialist before I leave for Ontario.  My G.P. thought they might do a lymph node biopsy procedure in-office today, but the specialist is opting for a much simpler needle biopsy instead until he is sure what this is.  The fact that he doesn’t want to say for sure what this is seems very reassuring to me.

Next on the agenda is a return trip to the Kaye Clinic on Thursday for the needle biopsy, results in 10 to 14 days.  Then we’re off to Ontario on Saturday.  Back to the specialists office on August 11th for the follow-up.

This would be a good spot for me to insert some refined incisive wit.  Hope you can live with disappointment because I am a tad witless at the moment.  Just happy to be living in this city with such easy access to incredible medical care.  A half hour drive away from one of the two top specialists in the WORLD in their field of expertise.  Amazing.

Of course, I’m worth it, right?  They made me feel like I am.


In lieu of wit, here’s an argle-bargle photo.  Am I secretly a farm girl at heart?  Those farm roots manifest themselves in strange ways here in the big city.  These are two animals that hang around by the tiger lilies in the back yard.  I put them out in the spring and let them fend for themselves until the snow flies.  They reward my attentive care by looking insanely cute.

12 thoughts on “Attic Salt

  1. I love your little farm animals! So cute. And I’m sorry your nose was violated. I know how much it sucked when I saw the ear nose guy and he just shoved some tube and spray up my nose. I can’t imagine the camera.


    • Well I guess I’m being a little dramatic – it was just a simple tube with a light on the end of it. He gave me freezing spray first so I wouldn’t be such a wimp. It left a very bitter taste in my mouth. Now I know why we always cautioned kids not to shove things up their noses….lol


  2. Ha! You are on the interwebs! Of COURSE there is going to be someone else out on them who has had a camera shoved up their nose and down their throat! (Guess who? If there’s a spot on me that hasn’t been poked into or cut into or MRI’d or CT’d–Oh, wait: My left elbow and shoulder. They’re telling me they’ve always felt left out.)

    The tiger lilies make me feel happy. When I was a kid, we had a huge field of them up in the woods, and they always made me feel happy then. Which is odd, because I cannot abide yellow flowers at all, and most orange ones (something about the autism). Forsythia are like nails on a blackboard. But tiger lilies are just…I just love them so much.

    The last time I drove cross country, I was on a back road in Missouri, and saw a bunch by the side of the road and had to stop. There wasn’t any room to pull over, so I drove ahead and parked and walked back on the non-existent roadside, and while looking at the lilies and trying to take their picture with my awful, awful Boost Mobile phone I had then, almost got hit by a car. The picture didn’t even come out, but at least that helped me remember the lilies.


    • Haha! That’s funny! well, not the part about almost getting hit by a car, but the rest of it. Normally I don’t particularly care for any kind of flowers except maybe wild daisies or a field full of sunflowers. Picked up the tiger lily plants on a whim one fall when they were dirt cheap, planted them and have been enjoying them ever since.


  3. You most definitely are worth it … the the cows!! kelihasablog sent me the below message it may be of use………..
    This is a good, FREE, Cancer information magazine. I have been getting it for free for years. I think you or Grandmalin can just sign up for free on the site. They also send a regular magazine copy in the mail…. If you’re interested:

    Enjoy the holiday!


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