5 thoughts on “Just Jazzy 261

  1. In my home town, there is a tree bent over sideways, and carved into that tree, by my once-friend Naomi, is the name “Sean”. Oh–I have to stop, Grandmalin! I think I’m going to write a post! If I don’t write it, I’ll be back tomorrow and finish this comment : )


    • I forgot to add all the important parts!! Sean was a good friend of mine in 4th grade, and the tree was my favorite tree–you could bounce on it for a ride–and Naomi carved Sean’s name to make it seem like I liked him “that” way. (Which I did not, Naomi! So you just stop saying that!) The last time I checked, you could still bounce on the tree and still read Sean’s name, so I COULD go home again, stupid Tom Wolfe!! Pth-th-th!!


  2. I’ve never left my home town, Jazzy, but I do see ghosts of my younger selves everywhere. And you’re right, some things do change and some things stay the same.


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